Porsche Eyeglasses

Porsche Eyeglasses are mainly designed for Porsche enthusiasts. Porsche Eyeglasses are made the same way the Porsche car is made – with an extremely high level of quality, style and efficiency. Some of today’s hottest stars have been spotted wearing Porsche eyewear.Find your Porsche Eyeglasses discount prices here at FamilyEyeglasses.com.

Porsche, a German sports car company, was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, also creator of the first Volkwagen.  He funded his company with the help from count Sasha Kolowrat, a Czech aristocrat.  The first Porsche, the Porsche 64, was released in 1938, with the company slogan:  “Porsche, There Is No Substitute.”

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche is well known for weathering economic changes.  While most German car manufacturers have moved production overseas, or to Eastern Europe, Porsche had maintained most of it production facilities in Germany.

In 1972, F.A. Porsche, Ferdinand’s grandson, founded the Porsche Design Studio, located in Stuttgart.  The Porsche Design Studio designs everything from pens to pipes to sink fixtures, watches, furniture, knives and, of course, sunglasses.

Some of today’s hottest stars have been spotted wearing Porsche eyewear, including Johnny Knoxville, Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell.

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